It is a historic trade route that dated from the second century B.C. till the 14th century A.D. Stretching from Asia to the Mediterranean; it traverses India, China, Arabia, Greece and Italy. Silk Route was named so because of the silk trading that took place during this period. The fabric was produced in China, which in the beginning had a monopoly on silk production. This route facilitated not just the trade of silk but also spices, grains, animal hides, wood, metal work, precious stones and much more. A tour in Silk Route might turn out to be the best choice for a traveller. Plenty of transport options are available from Kolkata; hence one can easily plan their trip to this historic route.

History of Silk Route

Silk Route was established during the Han Dynasty by Zhang Quian. Then again it gained popularity during the Tang Dyansty. Travellers could choose from a number of land and sea routes in order to reach their destination. With evolve in territorial boundaries and changes in leadership, the routes evolved as well. This route stood to be a means to exchange goods and culture. It also contributed to the development of technology, science, literature, arts and various other fields.