Situated at the foothills of Eastern Himalayas, is the gateway to Bhutan from India. It is the most ideal destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. This region is divided into two parts by the Sankosh River i.e. Western Dooars and Eastern Dooars. Economy of Dooars is based on Tea, Tourism and Timber. Some of the major rivers in the Dooars region besides Teesta are- Jaldhaka, Murti, Raidak, Kaljani , Sankosh etc. Here is a list of places you must visit on you tour in Dooars. If you are planning on a Dooars trip, take a flight/train from Kolkata to Siliguri and ultimately Dooars.

Places to Visit in Dooars


An important national park of North Bengal, Gorumara is placed at the foot hills of Eastern Himalayas. This region has a mixed vegetation of forest and grassland and is famous for its population of one horned Indian Rhino. The park is spread over an area of approx 80 sq km. At the present day, Gorumara has the largest amount of tourist accommodation in Dooars.

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its population of one horned rhinoceros, elephants, Bengal Tigers, spotted deer, bison and much more. In the year 1941, it was declared as a sanctuary for the protection of its great variety of flora and fauna.

Chilapata Forest

It is a dense forest located close to Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary and is nearly 22 km from Alipurduar. This forest is used by the elephants to migrate between Jaldapara and Buxa Tiger Reserve, and finally to Bhutan. A few things to do in here are- angling, birding and safari.

Buxa Fort

Another famous tourist spot, Buxa Fort is famous for the ruins of detention camp used during the British era. It is located at an altitude of 867 meters in the Buxa Tiger Reserve. There is several numbers of treks that originate at the Buxa Fort. When on a tour in Dooars you cannot miss out this place.

Jayanti River

A small forest village in the Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jayanti is placed along the Jayanti River. This place is known for its beautiful views and is fast becoming a popular eco-tourism hotspot. It is a perfect place to spend some time along with your friends and family.


Located on the banks of Murti River, Murti is a beautiful tourist destination. It is the most idea place for nature lovers and bird watchers. Some of the popular activities to do in Murti, while on your tour in Dooars are camping and hiking.


Chalsa is a quaint town surrounded by hills, rivers, tea gardens and forests. It sits in between the Gorumara National Park and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. The forests near to Chalsa are home to a good population of rhino and elephants.


Surrounded by dense forests, Rajabhatkhawa is the best place for wildlife enthusiasts. It is a portion of the corridor which serves as an international corridor for elephant migration between India and Bhutan. One of the major attractions in here is the Nature Interpretation Centre.