Wanderlust? Get Sumptuous Travel At Affordable Prices

Wanderlust? Get Sumptuous Travel At Affordable Prices


Have you fallen in love with the idea of going to places and bonding with each little feeling out there? Well, given to the astonishing wonders of the travel world, that is something really normal. Not only the beauty, the joy that new destinations and their purity gives us is ineffable. Every place we go, we bring along a piece of their essence into us. In addition, travelling has innumerable benefits. The nature and greenery teach us to be cheerful even in the times of rain, the heritage and the culture makes us values the history and its importance, the architecture inspires us for hard work and last but not least; the adventures teach us good things come to those who hold patience. After all this, who would not like to spend most of the leisure time travelling and bonding with new place? However, with the increasing value for money, it could be a little harsh on your wallet. There is good news. The tour packages from Kolkata bring a lot of affordable trips for the ones bitten by wanderlust.

Now you can pack your bags and get ready for a new experience.

Some of affordable trips you can take in the coming months

The best things come at a cost. But not all costs mean money. Some might mean happy moments, too many memories, discovering something new about yourself and a lot of great photographs. Here is the list of exciting trips at reasonable prices for you.


Here is one of the perfectly curated summer trips. Plan it with your friends or family, the hilly rides in the roads of Sikkim and Darjeeling are going to have your heart. You will explore all the paths while in this trail, starting from rejuvenating views of the Himalayas, adventures from highest peaks to sun rises from the third highest mountain Kanchenjunga.

Assam- Meghalaya happy trail

If you do not have North East in your travel list, this might be the best time to do so. The endless and jaw-dropping sights of the journey will leave you enthralled. You will see the charm and the different colours of joy in Assam. Moving forward, Meghalaya is a blessing when it comes to exploring amazing touring destinations of India. Feel yourself amid the clouds when you pay a visit to the wettest state of India.

Dooars- Lataguri region of green lands

Do you have a small weekend getaway in mind? The dooars region of North Bengal will definitely serve the purpose of you escape from the chaotic life. Their sites of extreme biotic importance will leave us enchanted and work as the perfect antibiotic for stress.

Learn more about the affordable tour packages from Kolkata and delve yourself more into the world of travel.

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