Solo Experience on Tour in Silk Route from Kolkata

Solo Experience on Tour in Silk Route from Kolkata


 Lying in the East Sikkim, the silk route is the best place covered with beautiful valleys. It is quickly emerging as the perfect travel destination as it offers some of the unique views of the hill station. So, a solo experience will be the best thing if you want to escape from the mundane city life!

Serenity with a Whiff of History!


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Over the past decade, there have been several trade routes, which played a major role in the rise of international trade around the globe. One such route was the Old Silk Route!

It is an ancient network of trade between India and Tibet. This route passes through many places in East Sikkim. Although an offbeat journey, this route leads you to many picturesque villages to spend a peaceful time here.

Are You Ready for a Solo Experience? Here You Go!

The old silk route if travelled with a tour in Silk Route from Kolkata it will enchant the traveller much!





Set amidst greenery all around it is a small yet important town in East Sikkim. With the river Rongpo flowing by it, Rongli can be your first stop after reaching Sikkim.


Situated at a height of 2000 feet, Reshikhola is becoming a popular eco spot in East Sikkim. Just where river Reshi marks the border with Sikkim, this charming village attracts tourists from all over the world.





Around 4000 feet from Rongli, Aritar is a popular starting or ending point for the travellers. There is an artificial lake with boating facilities and a hilltop viewpoint offering views of Mt. Kanchenjunga.

Upward Journey Through the Route!





Padamchen is all about greenery and solitude. This place also offers sweeping views of the adjoining valleys with evergreen forests, a pleasant climate, and sightseeing of birds and animals.


The most popular in Silk Route, Zuluk is a happening destination in Sikkim. Zuluk is famous for Rhododendrons and the majestic views are breathtaking. This place also offers a wonderful scene of sunrise.

Nathang Valley:


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Probably the "apple of the eye" of the entire Silk Route, Nathang Valley is magnificent. Originally inhabited by Tibetan Yak herders, Nathang Valley is gaining popularity due to its pristine landscapes.

Other Destinations on the List!

  • Eagle’s Nest Bunker
  • Kupup Lake
  • Memencho Lake
  • Tukla Valley
  • Old Baba Mandir

If you are one of those travellers who love to travel solo, then book a tour in Silk Route from Kolkata and do visit Sikkim for sure!

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