Scenic Stopovers in the Silk Route

Scenic Stopovers in the Silk Route


Nestled into the beautiful part of the Himalayas, Silk Route is the perfect getaway for those who seek adventure and heritage at the same time. In addition to this, if you want to explore and see some of the best places that you might not find in the internet, silk route is yet again the best option for you in Sikkim. Take a tour in silk route from Kolkata and get ready for a great escape to the captivating hills. The magnificence of silk route is in its spiral roads leading to magical destinations.

Scenic Stopovers of Silk Route

While you proceed towards the tour in silk route from Kolkata, you would never miss the countless splendid sightseeing spots. Discover the essence of elegant routes with every stopover. Pose along the best creations of nature with snow-capped Himalayas in the backdrop. Here is a list of a few heavenly destinations of the Silk Route.

Icchey Gaon

A scenic village located on the way to the silk route, it is the perfect destination for extracting the best out the hilly views and ineffable landscapes. It is a small hamlet amid the large Himalayan dwelling and boasts of some of the best scenes of nature.

Sillery Gaon

Also referred to as New Darjeeling, Sillery Gaon has every reason to stop and compliment its astonishing beauty. It is popular for the serene and 360 degree views of the Himalaya. This village is home to exclusive and beautiful array of evenly distributed pine trees.


Yet another sightseeing beauty falling on the famous silk route, Kaagey hosts some of the most beautiful attractions including a splendid display of floral plantations. It also has a heritage sites like a 300-year-old church, Buddhist monastery and a meditation center. The Jhakri falls witnesses number of tourists and is located in Kaagey.


A must-stop destination towards the silk route, Pedong is famous for the Damsang Fort built by the Lepachas. Apart from this, it comprises of an age-old monastery built back in 1706. You can also spend a night in the classic places to stay in Pedong.


It is one of the best stopovers of the silk route. The reason lies in its places of extreme beauty offered to the tourists. Despite covering a small area, Mankhim has something for every visitor. From the majestic views of Mount Kanchenjunga, paddling in the Lampokhari Lake to spotting and watching the exciting species of birds, Mankhim is the getaway you were looking for.  

The list is long and you have to visit the scenic silk route for taking a deeper dive into the natural and classical beauty. Take the tour in silk route from Kolkata to explore the best with exciting deals and offers.

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