Rural Tourism in Nepal

Rural Tourism in Nepal


Villages and rural life! It is a new way to explore the traditional life of the people of Nepal.

Normally popular with a concept of adventure travel in the world, Nepal is blessed with a completely new concept, rural or village tourism.

Along with river rafting, jungle safari and paragliding, one can also experience the cultural side of Nepal with these village tours. It is a brand new concept where people will be taken to unspoiled villages and you can spend a few days with the local people and get treated like family guests. We hope you are excited!

Reasons for Village Tour in Nepal

While staying in the villages there are many things you can see to soak in the traditional life of the Nepalis.

  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Local food and drinks
  • Warm welcome
  • Scenic local attractions
  • Undisturbed wildlife
  • Warm and friendly people
  • Local handicrafts.

Best of Rural Tourism to See

Sirubari Village Tour:

The Sirubari village tour is an unspoiled Gurung settlement. It is situated at 1700 meters above sea level giving you the ideal experience of village life. You will be welcomed and will be allowed to stay at one of the villager's homes. The living culture and the tradition of the Gurung will give you an unforgettable experience here.

Ghalegaun Village Tour:

This village is a pristine area newly opened for tourists to visit. Apart from the stunning landscape and views, Ghalegaun offers an opportunity to become part of village life. You can stay with the villagers and know more about their lifestyle and the way they earn their living.

Chitlang Village Tour:

Chitlang Village is a rare destination for visitors. Offering to see the ethnic groups like Tamang's and Newari's settlement, this village has panoramic views of the mountains. You can also experience the culture and religion of these communities and stay here for a day.

Shivapuri and Kakani Village Tour:

Only 25 km to the north of Kathmandu city, Shivapuri village has breathtaking views of the lush greenery and the majestic Himalayas. It has a typical Nepali village setting and the hues of the Nepali village lifestyle.

Also, on arriving Kakani village, you can observe a different type of lifestyle of the local villagers along with views of Himalayan ranges.

Chepang Village Tour:

This village is newly developed village tourism in Nepal which is just 80 km away from Kathmandu. Chepang culture is the most unique culture in Nepal and they have their language and lifestyle. While staying here you can get the opportunity to interact with the Chepangs and get to know them closely.

Village tourism in Nepal is gaining popularity in recent times and you will surely have a great adventure in these villages.

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