Planning Your Summer Vacation in Bhutan

Planning Your Summer Vacation in Bhutan


You must have heard and read a lot about the bracing winter bells and snowy streets of Bhutan. Have you heard of the vibrant, clear skies and colourful display of happiness among the entire country? Summers in Bhutan are as cheerful and jolly as the country. The clearly visible mountains, array of florally ornamented valleys, freshly cultivated fields and the excelling architectures shining golden amidst the soothing sunshine are the factors that will drag you to Bhutan in summer. Plan your tour in Bhutan from Kolkata and escape the scorching humidity. This summer, Bhutan is the new ice.

Flawless Bhutan in summers

Apart from evading, the sweltering summers of the lower plains, Bhutan has many other reasons for you to explore in your summer recess. Many packages take you to a tour in Bhutan from Kolkata.

Closely Capturing the Himalayas

Summers in Bhutan start from the June and it is the best time to witness a clear and vivid view of the ice-covered Himalayas. Click and pose along the mighty mountains and attain some of the best pictures for your social media. The photogenic views of the lush green hills with the Himalayas in the backdrop are the best shade of sunny Bhutan.

Tasting the dappled delicacies

There are many delicious dishes and foods that you would love to try in Bhutan. These are specifically found in summers. The evergreen Ema Datshi, which is the national food of Bhutan, is best prepared in summers with the authentic green chilli. There are some must-try seasonal fruits like the organically grown plum, strawberries and mangoes.

Celebrating vibrant festivities of summer

Dance with the masked-monks in the Annual Haa Festival and discover the myriad of mushrooms in the Annual Masutake Mushroom Festival in Thimphu and Bumthang. The colourful festivals of summer season witnesses many tourists and enthusiasts connecting with the vibrancies of the festivals.

Stay more connected to Mother Earth

Bond with the eco-friendly lifestyle amid the enormous plantations, farming of paddy and other major summer crops in Bhutan. Bhutan is a country that promotes environmental conservation and summers are the best time to witness it.

Cooler summers and longer nights

If you are filled with exploration spirit, then Bhutan is your sunshine. The days are longer with soft sunrays hitting you. You can go on hiking trails and spot some of the best and popular sites for longer. You can capture some of your best clicks under the bright sunny atmosphere.

Everything about the summer season in Bhutan is magical and you can explore rainbow-like vibe when you are there. Choose the best packages taking you to a tour in Bhutan from Kolkata and unwrap the magic box.

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