Make Your Sikkim Tour Memorable with Some Travel Tips

Make Your Sikkim Tour Memorable with Some Travel Tips


Though Sikkim has a lot to offer its tourists still many questions pop up in a head while planning a trip to Sikkim. Which will be the best time to visit or is border permit needed or what to pack for the Sikkim tour? Unlike the regular travel tips that most people usually follow for a trip, we provide you with some of the special tips which will help you make an amazing trip planned for Sikkim.

Important Sikkim travel tips to plan your trip

If you have just started planning your Sikkim trip, then here are some of the informational travel tips which you must follow both before and during your Sikkim tour.

Check the weather:

Check the weather

The first tip every traveler must remember while visiting Sikkim is to know the best time to visit. As Sikkim is located in the northeastern part this city remains cold throughout the year. During summer, the weather gets warm but you must not avoid carrying woolen clothes. So, make sure you check the weather forecast.

Carry less cash:

ATM cards

Instead of carrying cash in hand, it is advisable to carry a check book or ATM cards. Though theft and robbery do not take place much, yet being aware of your belongings is a must. Moreover, it is easy to carry ATM cards and you will not be in the constant worry of theft.

Get border permits beforehand:

border permits

As Sikkim has borders with Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet, official permits are required in some areas. Moreover, your Sikkim will not be completed if you do not visit these places. So, it is recommended you get the border permit one day before your excursion.

Keep your documents with you:


One of the most important things to carry during your traveling is your ID proof. You can carry an original copy or the xerox but you must keep it with you. Apart from identity proof, you must also keep other travel documents to avoid any hassle during the trip to Sikkim.

Pack the essential items:

essential items

As Sikkim remains cold throughout the year, it is essential to carry woolen clothes. You must mainly pack first-aid kit and medicines if you have height issues. You must also put sunscreen lotions or antibacterial creams to avoid skin infections.

Make your Sikkim trip unforgettable with these easy travel tips!

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