Know About the Best Hotels in Bhutan Before Booking

Know About the Best Hotels in Bhutan Before Booking


“Known to be the 'happiest country in Asia', Bhutan is sure a temptation to visit.”

A beautiful landlocked country, Bhutan is situated at the foothills of the Eastern end of the mighty Himalayas. As the travellers who have visited say this 'Land of Thunder Dragon' say that- All about Bhutan is beautiful, be it the eye-catching destinations or the tranquil monasteries.

Wait! Did You Book Your Hotel?


Best Hotels in Bhutan


Well, a hotel plays a big role during your journey. If your stay is not comfortable enough then your journey remains incomplete. Since travelling is all about not spending so much money you can book a hotel for a comforting stay.

However, there are a few things you need to look for before you book a hotel in Bhutan.

Things to Consider Before You Book


Location is a primary factor when booking a hotel. It is very important to check if you can access every other destination easily from there. If for business purposes then you must make sure it is near the airport. So choose it according to your requirements.


You must also give a lot of importance to the amenities offered by the hotel. It is not necessary that the hotel will offer luxury but it must have the basic benefits. However, at the same time look for extra charges. Hence, choose it according to your expectations and satisfaction.


The hotel should be justified enough to give you the price that they offer. If it is expensive then there might be some extra amenities but if it is a normal one then it is needless to pay more. So, keep in mind to compare the prices and proceed further with the bookings.


Today more than eighty percent of shopping decisions are done on reviews then why not for hotels. Going for the reviews is the best way to clarify your doubts and book the ideal hotel. If it is positive then you can book it. If not, then search the right one.

So, next time if you book a hotel in Bhutan then you must pay extra attention to these four points to avoid any worry during your stay.

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