Do Not Miss These Offbeat Places Near Kolkata

Do Not Miss These Offbeat Places Near Kolkata


 Once you visit Kolkata, you will definitely realise that every little thing is a piece of exaggerated emotion wrapped in the sweetness of Bengal. Everything about Kolkata touches your heart. From the regal Victoria memorial to the energetic streets of new market beneath the big pillars of Oberoi Grand, the smell of books in college street and authentic coffee house, artistic and cultural theatres, the most hyped-up and populated chic-lighted park streets, the oldest tram still running with pride and the endless mishti (Sweet) shops explain why there is every reason to leave a piece of your heart there. Kolkata is more like a vibe than a metro city. Are you in Kolkata for any purpose? It is highly recommended to take a day out and explore this city of joy. You can hire the domestic tour operators in Kolkata.

Kolkata has more beauty attached to its vicinity. Let us the explore some offbeat trails nearby within a day’s distance.

The must-visit offbeat destinations near Kolkata

The domestic tour operators in Kolkata also assist you in taking you to these lesser-known beauties near Kolkata. You can stay for a weekend or come back on the same day. There are all kinds of trips according to your convenience.

Henry's Island

Located close to the Suderbans National Park, the Henry's Island is an exquisite site of wide range of mangrove forests. You will experience of serenity and it is the perfect escape from the city life. Sit by the river on the beach, bonfire with you friends, stroll and pose along or sonder the varieties of birds at this spot.


The weekend getaway you will fall in love with. Bakkhali is the southernmost part of Bengal and just 130 km away from Kolkata. You will also witness many tourists from across in this beach. It is surrounded by lush forests and attractive places to see like the windmill of Frasergunj, crocodile propagation centre. The beach itself is so calming.

Roopark Village

Located so close to the city, yet you will find traces of eternal peace in this village of Roopark. If you think you are lacking nature connection within city, then this site is your best option for staying close to Mother Earth. Relax and rejuvenate amid the soothing feels and visit the Panchlingeshwar temple and the nearby Chandipur Beach.


The domestic tour operators in Kolkata offers you a perfect package in the form of weekend destination. With waters of Bay of Bengal on one side and the lush green forests of casuarina trees on the other side, Junput is nothing less than a paradise for the nature lovers. Visit this sojourn of natural beauty and discover solace.

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