Discover Bhutan Tourism - Treasure Unique Lifetime Experience

Discover Bhutan Tourism - Treasure Unique Lifetime Experience


Life is full of experiences and traveling gives us some of the exciting and inspirational experiences through different destinations, Meeting new people and discovering new culture really make a sense in human life. Knowledge is actually a collection of experiences and traveling to Bhutan will be the best way to increase your knowledge in context to witness some of the natural treasure on earth.

Bhutan is a small country situated on the foothills of eastern Himalayas and shares a unique story about their civilization and cultural heritage. This country is still considered as the last ‘Shangri La' which means a place where everything is available in a pleasant way. The remoteness of the country makes it different from others. Bhutan shares its border with the Republic of India from east, west, and south, and in the north, it's the People's Republic of China. Buddhism is the most dominant religion in Bhutan which spread peace and harmony among the people.

Bhutan is an unexplored paradise of Asia and considered as the world's first ‘carbon negative country' so you will find beautiful landscapes, rivers, monasteries, temples, Chorten and pristine places to visit. Bhutan tourism comes with a plan that allows limited tourists to enter the country as they believe it is important to maintain the quality of hospitality instead of thinking about the quantity. The Royal Government of Bhutan focuses on ‘Gross National Happiness' instead of making GDP as the main factor. Let's zoom in into the points that make the country an ideal place for travelers and nature enthusiasts.

What to Explore in Bhutan?

Rich Culture and Heritage


Culture and Heritage of Bhutan


Bhutan is the country that maintains a rich culture even in recent times. Their culture is closely related to Tibetan culture where the Monks read and write in the Tibetan language. You will find that the hotels and restaurants are made of traditional architecture and even the young generation wears tradition dress during official hours. Some of the popular attractions of Bhutan are Monasteries, Dzong and temples.

Buddhism spreads non-violence and peace which keep the country peaceful by making the people happy from inside. You must know that Bhutan is considered the happiest country in the world. Modernization is accepted by keeping the culture and tradition in the prime focus. Festivals in Bhutan are celebrated with dance, folk songs and local wine along with the local cuisines where people wear a mask and depict various characters from their holy texts highlighting victory of good over evil.    

Natural Treasure


Beautiful nature of Bhutan


The country’s culture is related to loving and caring the nature because they believe that life will not exist without nature. Monks and spiritual leaders set an example about protecting nature and 72% of the entire is covered by forest which makes it very clear that how they are putting their efforts to maintain the natural treasure. A large variety of flora and fauna keep the land fertile and pure in true sense where one can find 5.500 species of vascular plants like beautiful rhododendron species, magnolias, over 600 orchid species, many medicinal plants, beard moss, and the delightful blue poppy, which considered as Bhutan’s national flower.

Bhutan tourism also focuses towards the development of National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries to preserve the nature at its best with 165 species of mammals and 620 bird species the country set an example for rest of the world. Some of the popular attractions are Royal Manas National Park, Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park (also known as the Black Mountains), Thrumshing La National Park, Jigme Dorji National Park, Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, Kulong Chhu Wildlife Sanctuary, Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary, Toorsa Nature Reserve, Phipsoo Wildlife Sanctuary and Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary. Golden Langur is one of the endangered species from the monkey kingdom that is found in Bhutan and the population is increasing with the help of the Royal Government of Bhutan.

Inspiring Lifestyle


Lifestyle in Bhutan


Bhutan is really an inspiration for the rest of the world because every individual is putting their best effort to make the nation an ideal place to find happiness. A nation will never make any difference unless and until the lifestyle of people will change and here you will find everyone is corporative by accepting the rule set by the Royal King. Tobacco is completely banned in Bhutan and purchasing or selling any tobacco product is a punishable offense in the country.

No one is allowed to use plastic bags in Bhutan which helps the nation to preserve the natural treasures. You will find cotton bags instead of plastic bags which is really a great initiative for valuing nature and its resources. All such initiatives taken by the people makes the nation world's first ‘Carbon Negative Country.' No one is in a hurry but everyone is on time in this Kingdom of Thunder Dragon so there are no traffic lights in Bhutan. The policeman will easily control the vehicles by standing in one place.

Bhutanese Cuisines


Bhutanese Cuisines


Food is one of the basic amenities of human life and when you stepped-in inside the Bhutanese kitchen you will find lots of chilies and cheese because both chilies and cheese adds the flavor of Bhutanese cuisine. Few people think that foods in Bhutan are similar to Nepal and North East India but once they taste it they will come across their misconception.

Bhutan offers you some of the great dishes which are spicy and yummy to make your stomach happy. ‘Ema Datshi’ is the most popular food made from cheese and chilies flowed by Kew Datshi, Shamu Datshi, Shalam Paa, Phaksha Paa, Sikam Paa, Yaksha Shakam, Goep, Juma, Gondo Datshi, Jasha Maru, and Hoentay. Restaurants in Bhutan give you the chance to taste authentic cuisines though you can be a part of their festivals to find unlimited dishes and local wines. 

Places to visit in Bhutan

  • Rinpung Dzong
  • Chele La Pass
  • Punakha Dzong
  • Buddha Dordenma Statue
  • Dochula Pass
  • Tiger’s Nest Monastery
  • Phobjikha Valley
  • Chomolhari
  • Norzin Lam Street
  • Tashichho Dzong

Bhutan tourism makes their best efforts to make you feel comfortable during your stay by experiencing the culture and tradition. Citizens of India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives are allowed to visit the country without a passport but others need to carry their passport and pay $250 per day which includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with a car and an English speaking tour guide.

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