Bhutan Tour Itinerary: A Traveller's Perspective

Bhutan Tour Itinerary: A Traveller's Perspective


 A capital city without any traffic signal, a steep trek to get to the tiger’s nest monastery, and the mouth watering Ema Datshi, the national food of Bhutan, which uses chilli as its main ingredient make Bhutan a perfect place to have a brief vacation. Yes Thimphu is indeed a driver's paradise. An hour long drive in the capital city is indeed a delight in itself.We were on a 2day Bhutan tour itinerary  to explore the land of thunder dragon.

What's So Special About  Bhutan?

Nestled in the Himalayan hills, Bhutan will lure you for the architectural grandeur, the monasteries all over the country, the pristine smiles of the local people and also the local cuisines. It offers some extraordinary hiking trails foe the adventure lovers. Lying between India and Tibet, Bhutan has is a cocktail is of both the country. You may get the flavour of cultures of both the countries.Buddhism is what brings the serenity in this country which is chiefly operated on the policy of gross national happiness. Its unique cultural heritage along with its tangy dishes make this country a must visit for any traveller with an eye for uniqueness.

Why should you travel to Bhutan?

You generally plan a trip to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It's not just the hustles you also deserve a vacation to a place which is not populated. Yeah the fresh air on your face is meant to detoxify you. Now what else can provide the oxygen-enriched fresh air than a country which is carbon negative in the truest sense? Yes Bhutan boasts of being the country where carbon emission is less than zero. You must visit this amazing country if your truly want to be away from the smoggy surroundings.


2-Day Bhutan Tour

Day 1: Thimphu


At an altitude of 2,320m Thimphu is the largest city and also the capital of Bhutan. There are a few must-visit places when it comes to a trip to Thimphu.

Memorial Chorten

This "seat of faith" is home to a large stupa that contains Buddhist teachings, paintings, and scriptures. It actually represents the mind of the Buddha.

Changangkha Monastery

This 12th century monastery is also the oldest temple in thimphu. Believers make a trek on a regular basis to seek the blessings of Buddha.Other places to visit include taking enclosure, craft gallery, Tashichodzong. You may also shop at weekend market which sells bottles of wild honey, fresh vegetables and other local produces.

Folk Heritage Museum

If you are looking to get the real flavour of the folk culture of Bhutan, you must visit the Folk Heritage Museum

Day2: Thimphu to Paro


The journey from Thimphu to Paro will include many sightseeing spots which will make you visit the place again.

Tachogang Lhakhang

This temple fortress is situated over the Paro river. Taking permission from the monks, you can walk across the bridge, built over the river.

Paro Dzong

This Dzong is known as the “fortress of a heap of jewels".

National Museum

Collection of relics, postage stamps, coins, local crafts is bound to enamour the love of antiquity in you.Apart from these, the Paro town is itself a great place to explore by strolling down.

You will be always spoilt for choice when you are at a place called Bhutan

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