An Itinerary For A Two Day Trip To Darjeeling From Kolkata

An Itinerary For A Two Day Trip To Darjeeling From Kolkata


Darjeeling is one of the prime destinations for weekend travellers in all over West Bengal. It is the most well known and popular place to go when people get a long weekend. Most often it has been found that the travellers are majorly based in Kolkata. The government also subsidized a lot in transport sector to promote tour in Darjeeling from Kolkata and other regions near it. With the introduction of some special trains and buses, the flow of tourists has increased a lot from what it used to be before. In Darjeeling too many hotels and restaurants opened up which made it easier for the travellers to prefer this place mostly.

A planned guide for a two day trip to Darjeeling

After a tiresome week of work and other issues of your life, it is time that you take a day or two off and visit the queen of hills for some relaxation and rejuvenation. So for your convenience here is a brief account of how you can plan your tour to Darjeeling from Kolkata in no time at all.

Day 1

Book your tickets for a train scheduled on a Friday. Mostly trains that travel to New Jalpaiguri leave at night so you can manage your schedule for the rest of the day and leave for NJP at night. The trains are quite punctual, thanks to the efficient workforce, and thus you are going to reach your destination early in the morning. If you are going to hire a travel agency then your travel expenses and vehicles are going to be managing by them. So the next thing you do is hop in your assigned car and leave for Darjeeling. After reaching Darjeeling, you can visit a few places along with the famous Mall Chowpathi and spend the entire evening there.

Day 2

On day 2 you can leave early morning to witness a beautiful sunrise in Tiger Hills. And also visit happy valley tea gardens to taste the famous Darjeeling tea and then to go places like Zoological Park, Nightingale park, Batasia Loop etc. and leave for Siliguri by the late afternoon so that you can board the train to return at night.

 To conduct a tour in Darjeeling from Kolkata one has to be very particular about the places that he/she wants to cover. Generally the travellers already have their plans set for the visit as they might do it often. But hiring a travel agency always makes the journey easier.

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