10 Essential Tips for Tour in Bhutan from Kolkata

10 Essential Tips for Tour in Bhutan from Kolkata


The Land of Happiness, Bhutan may seem to be a wonderful destination for you, especially if you are travelling from India.

Considering Indians do not need a passport to enter this country, you might take things lightly and end up skipping the essential information. But if you read through this, tour in Bhutan from Kolkata will make you understand about the local laws and experiences of how to make the most of your visit to Bhutan.

Important Travel Tips to Know During Your Journey

Carry Your ID cards:

If you are an Indian then do carry a voter ID card. It is not mandatory to carry a visa or passport for Indians other than foreigners but you can avail a tourist permit.

During Festival Celebration:



Since Bhutan is known for its beautiful culture, there is not a better time than the festivals. There are a few festivals like Paro Tshechu, Thimphu Tshechu, etc to make your trip memorable.

Carry Enough Cash:

As Bhutan is a backpacker’s country, you must make sure to carry some cash. It will make your life easy as India's debit and credit cards do not work in Bhutan.

Do Not Forget Woolens:



The weather of Bhutan is unpredictable and having woolens will save you from the sudden drop in temperature. Also, you must bring some clothes that match with the country's culture.

Book for a Homestay:

The reason behind travelling to Bhutan is to witness the culture and stay in a homestay. It will give an insight into the country's traditions as you connect with local people.

No Smoking:



Smoking is strictly prohibited in Bhutan. So, even if you are trying or selling tobacco you will be in trouble. However, you can import 200 cigarettes and import duty of 200 percent.

Free to Speak Any Language:

Language is not a barrier for the tourists in Bhutan. Most of the Bhutanese can speak as well as understand Hindi and English. You can also get English-speaking guides and drivers easily.

Respect the Royal Family:



The people of Bhutan look upon their king as a God. They do not accept the disrespect of their idols. So, make sure you respect them and be kind.

Start Early:

During sightseeing, you must start your day as early as possible. Because after sunset there is nothing much to do in the hilly country of Bhutan.

Buy Handicrafts, Not Antiques:



Bhutan prohibits the export of any antique. So, you can see them but you cannot buy them. You can buy different kinds of handicrafts to decorate your home.

Bhutan is a wonderful country and tour in Bhutan from Kolkata will prove amazing for you.

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