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Places of Attraction

  • DARJEELING Magnificent Hill Town
  • SIKKIM The Land of Diversity
  • DOOARS The Doorway to Wild
  • BHUTAN Spiritual from the Core

Experience Touring in Darjeeling

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Northeast India, Darjeeling is a perfect collage of joyful Toy Train rides, delectable cuisine and heart-warming people. Perched at a height of 2050 meters, this hill town boasts of a pleasant climate throughout the year.

The previous summer capital under British Raj, Darjeeling is a delight for tourists of all kinds. It has come off a long way to be the most sought after hill station in the country. Darjeeling is a superb place to explore and take a stroll around villages, markets and lush green tea estates.



Visit Sikkim - all of it

Comprising of mesmerising scenic beauty and traditional charm, Sikkim has loads of gems hidden in its kitty. This little slice of heaven offers with endless opportunities to its visitors. It is occupied by the most warm-hearted people on earth and tops the list when it comes to hospitality.

The vibe of Sikkim is soothing to the soul with its rich cultural heritage and magnificent mountains. Top attractions in Sikkim include Buddhist monasteries, wildlife sanctuaries, pristine lakes and much more.



Dooars - full of greenery

A paradise for nature lovers, Dooars is an unspoilt terrain with the majestic Himalayas in the backdrop. The word ‘Duar’ refers to ‘Door’ and has been rightly named as Dooars is the gateway to Bhutan from India

The area of Dooars comprises of several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, which act as major attraction for tourists. Besides, the rippling rivulets of Jhalong and gorgeous valleys of Buxa are some of the major attractions.



Experience Bhutan

The most extraordinary country in the world, Bhutan is also known as the ‘Land of Thunder Dragons’. Shrouded in mystery, this country boasts of its unique philosophy of ‘Gross National Happiness’. It also has a rich culture where most of its inhabitants follow the Buddhist religion.

The ancient traditions of Bhutan still exists, despite of the technological advancements. It has evolved to be the ultimate tourist destination for not just nature lovers, but also adventure souls and peace seekers.



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